Tye Haus by @haroldcamilo

Photo by Harold Camilo


We are here. The whole reason I planned this trip in the first place. Other than meet Portland, I had been bookmark-ing, screen shot-ing and pinterest-ing photos of Tye Haus for a while now and the mission was always to drive up there. It's usually booked year round so, when I saw one slot left on Airbnb I had to take it! I wasn't even sure how many people were going to tag along. But I managed to convince four mountain lovin', campfire building, ukulele playing Puerto Rican boys to go and I wouldn't have had it any other way! We drove... well... they drove cause I was afraid of dying by driving on snow, all the way from Portland to Washington to stay two nights. One in Seattle and the next at Steven's Pass, where Tye Haus is located. These were the shots I captured along the way... 

Volks Wagon - Seattle - The Golden Fig by Eimy Fig

And below... the one blurry photo I took at Tye Haus. I don't know what happened to me. But once we were there, between the family dinner, the campfire, the ginger tea... waking up to snow in the windows... I just never took my camera out. I was there, in the moment, making memories. Now, they're all engraved in my mind.


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