Tea with: Mariángel Catalina Gonzales


COFFEE WITH is a monthly sit down where i have the chance to get to know what inspires some of my favorite creatives from all around. This time we have Mariángel Catalina Gonzales, producer and content manager. I recall meeting Mariángel a while ago in some sort of show/exhibition and by then, she lived in New York. I don’t even remember who introduced us but, thankfully, it happened because I started falling in love with each of her projects one by one. From her project “Me Matas” where she takes photos of plants, flowers and people to later ensamble them into one image… to her photo series #encuentrosdelovers where she touches the theme of aloneness by photographing lovers that she finds wherever she may be, that happen to be mostly inanimate objects and their pairs. Currently, she’s back in Puerto Rico, creating and producing unique images and projects that truly resonate with other visually like minded people. A different and much needed point of view of the everyday. But, I’ll let her tell you all about what she does and how she keeps herself inspired below. Let’s sit down for coffee with Mariángel!

Why/Who: My name is Mariángel Catalina Gonzales and I am a producer and project manager currently living in Santurce, Puerto Rico. I’m celebrating my first year of living in Puerto Rico since I moved in June of 2015 from NYC, a place I called home for a little over 14 years, and where I worked in post-production for over a decade for MTV and HBO. I knew the transition from crazy town to island life wasn’t going to be easy, but it was the first step for me to start new projects and of course, dig deeper into one of my passions: photography (www.mariangelcatalina.com). Music Top 5: I consider music equal to my photography. Varied, and non-committed. I enjoy every type of music, but of course, there’s music that you always “go to” for specific moments in life. Five of my top musical performers of all time are The National (living in Brooklyn), Daniela Romo (karaoke forever), Fugazi (Pittsburgh college years), New Order (childhood), and Superaquello (Puerto Rico nostalgia). When I am “moving around” in the daily hustle that is to be a freelancer, I listen to radio-red.com – awesome platform to stay in touch with new music. Shopping Top 5: I am very peculiar when it comes to shopping, and one of the reasons is because I am truly NOT a fan of it. That means that I like to go to stores where I am amazed and then I can easily shop and move on. I am also a fan of supporting small businesses and those are usually the ones that I rotate towards when I need to buy something special: Love Is You and Me, Luca and Con Calma are three of my faves in Puerto Rico. But I am also guilty of shopping at big stores that look “organised” such as COS – which I discovered in Berlin in 2009 and was excited to learn that they were finally opening a store in NYC. I think it’s a mecca for those non-shopping lovers like me because they sort their clothes BY COLOR! It’s heaven. I also buy printed stuff designed by artists around the world on PAOM (Print All Over Me). Favorite Flavors: I was a vegetarian for many years, but living in Puerto Rico and seeing a plate full of rice and beans and bistec encebollado…makes you forget plants and dig into meat again. Needless to say, I keep my vegetarian ways at home and have a nice burger or bistec encebollado from time to time while I am out and about. Puerto Rican, Mexican and Arab/Mediterranean are my top top and It’s all about spice usage and amazing flavours. Coffee Tea with: I’m not a coffee lover, but also not a hater. I love the smell and the culture behind it, but I am just a non-drinker because of taste reasons. However, I submerge myself in tea whenever and wherever I can. I love simple teas like earl grey (with a spoonful of honey), but my true love is chai, whether it’s home made with loose leafs or in powder mix. I don’t discriminate. Currently inspired by: I am inspired by every day things, and that helps me to pay very special attention to details: architecture, clever industrial design, good-hearted people, common-sense, fighting for what you love and believe in, and the truth. I love cycling culture as a form of transportation and lifestyle (not just a sport). Photography in every sense of the word as a form of art and expression, not just for documentation purposes. A good read, whether political, fiction or based on real life events. An amazing movie, documentary or series that shakes me and brings conversation. Of course, travel and all that it entails. And last, but certainly not least my family and friends, which I cherish through the years.

Learn even more about Mariángel by visiting her website and instagramIf you’d like to sit down for coffee, shoot me an email! Would love to have you. Past creatives who have sat down for coffee can be found here. Mariangel, it was a please having you over for TEA!

*Photo provided by Mariángel Catalina Gonzales