SUMMER SURVIVAL: The Good, the Bad and the Sweaty


Living in an island my whole life has prepared me for hot and humid. So, New York in the summer? Piece of cake. I used to come here every year since I was a tween, completely ignoring the hot trash smells and feeling like I could take on the world, sweaty forehead and all. But nothing could prepare me for the the hell that is summer in the city for WAY more than a week. See, now this city has to fit into my outings, my work schedule, (my mood?) and most importantly, my natural deodorant wearing armpits. So, other than chugging gallons of water before having to stop at the 104° Union Square Station and buying all the sliced melon chunks my hands can carry,  I've invested time and ca$h into finding the summer products that have now become my saviors.


1. Corpus Natural Deodorant


I haven't kept count of how many months I've been going all natural on my underarms but I remember VERY clearly all the products that didn't work. Which is why, when I found something that does, I wanna shout it from the rooftops. I've also arranged it very neatly inside my favorite plant for dramatic effect. (See photo above.)

I usually skip all instagram story ads but when I saw the Corpus Naturals branding I had to swipe back. Their videos about each scent were so damn hypnotizing I couldn't resist and I ordered their sample pack right then and there. I was ready to have a conversation with myself about how gullible I was to their ads but, it's become my number one summer savior. My favorite scent is Cedar Flora. But a close second is Botanist. I've had this baby on after a long day at work, which entails standing two times at the aforementioned Union Square hell station, only to come home and still smell like actual flowers. 

(I just noticed on their website that they're currently SOLD OUT. You can click through and get on their email list if you want to be notified when it's back in stock.)


2. Ouai Hair Oil

I've gone through two bottles of the Ouai Hair Oil and it's only August. I carry this thing everywhere. Which means, I not only bought their regular size, I bought their travel sized bottle as well. That's true dedication. 

I use a dime sized amount after I wash my hair and when I dry it out, it's always super soft. Then, I pretty much use it every morning before I go out into the humid jungle. If I sucked at drying my hair the night before, I go into my bag for an oil pick me up mid-day. It smells good and it calls my frizz. Savior!

Honorable mention to their Wave Spray as well! I spritz it after I make waves in my hair using a straightening iron and I'm convinced it makes em' last longer. 


3. Glossier You Solid

When Glossier had their perfume pop-up this past winter I went in thinking it would become my signature scent because, as we have previously discussed, I'm a sucker for good branding. The disappointment I felt after I left disappeared quickly after I ate two tacos nearby at JaJaJa. But, I was still "signature scent-less". It wasn't until I went back for more Body Hero, that I tried their Glossier You Solid Perfume version. It melts into the skin and adjusts to your body. So it smells a little different on everyone.

Often, I keep surprising myself whenever I catch a whiff mid-day running up and down stairs or walking a couple blocks. It lasts a whole day, it's easy to carry around and reapply if needed and it's pretty to look at. Saved!


4. Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer

This is the ultimate body moisturizer for the summer and beyond. It's very liquid-y but absorbs super quick and doesn't leave you sticky. Although my love for Glossier's Body Hero will never die, it does get real slippery when humidity is in the cards. Skin Trip is like a godsend. It also smells like someone cracked a coconut on your head. But, the smell doesn't last a long time. Which I appreciate because I don't want to smell like eighty different things in addition to sweat. 

This lil' bottle came back home with me after a hot tip from the cashier at Dimes when I was inquiring about shampoo and chicken salad. He did admit I could probably get it cheaper somewhere else. But, once I tried it on, I couldn't just leave it there. (Only $9.95 at Walgreens) It's truly been a summer staple with all the leg game my body has seen lately due to shorts and skirts trying to beat the heat. Plus, a little goes a long way so every penny was worth it! 


Having a product that actually works is like finding a $20 on the street. It's pure luck and you have to tell everyone about it. So, since we are all on this same sweaty boat, care to boast about products that have made your life less sticky, frizzy and smelly?