Heaven is a place on earth... in Portland, Oregon. Plants from floor to ceiling, a whole chest full of drawers to build your own terrarium and the nicest humans available to address your every concern. This particular day was mostly about checking off places of an imaginary bucket list that made itself up depending on how close we were to places we had saved via Pinterest.  


It was our last day in Portland and we had some hours to kill before leaving in the evening. Our first intention was to visit Ampersand, a photography book store. But once we got there, a nifty little sign let us know it was closed. After a minute of sulking, we grabbed coffee across the street at Vita Café, I pulled up all my old saved pins and went to work. I dug up a couple places to hit nearby with the caveat that the only transportation we could use were our feet or the bus. Luckily, Pistil's nursery and it's heavenly insides were only half an hour away! 

Eimy FigueroaComment