In times where everyone is living their best instagram life and cropping out the sadness for amazing content, can being Ok be enough? You know the drift, its 7pm and youve already scrolled through more than 100 instas of beautiful bloggers and their amazing outfits, talented photographers featuring even more beautiful people, couples who get paid to travel and are currently in some part of the world feeling awesome. Meanwhile, youre at home with a huge pile of regular looking clothes in the laundry, your model friend has yet to call back for a shoot and the last time you went on vacation you got home with $7 to spare and thats all perfectly fine! Its OK. Ive been constantly reminding myself how everyones journey is different. How being in the right place at the right time is a good thing for the people who are in it and not being in it is also OK. That in the little free time I have, I can wake up at 4am to catch a sunset and make a whole day out of it, then managing to squeeze in some family time at night. Still OK! That staying at home and ordering food in is also OK. If Im constantly challenging myself to create or finding the time to see the people that matter most, everything will fall into place. So, reminder to self: trust your gut, take chances, sleep a little and travel often. Everything will be OK.

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