Let's get something out of the way first, these were the best damn corn cakes I've ever eaten. I tried my best to replicate this and to be honest, I felt like I had completely missed the mark on them. They didn't look as round and smooth as the book and I was already feeling like a cooking failure. That's until I tasted one... Holy mother of flavor! I went from testing one out to making three for myself! I still have to work on my masa skills, but seeing as I'll be making these weekly, I'll be able to make ALL the perfectly round corn cakes in no time!


Now, can we talk about how I've always been a fan of Jessica Murnane's website and podcast? Ok. Let's do this. So, when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, I started looking for natural ways to reduce inflammation. In a black hole of info and random searches I stumbled upon One Part Plant by Jessica Murnanes. It's a website, it's a podcast ands now... it a book! Jessica has a refreshing take on food. Straight to the point without the bullshit. Eat good food, feel better. That easy. Her podcast is like a conversation with a stranger you just met over drinks. Honest and relatable. Her writing makes you feel like you know each other for ages and having seen the hard work she puts into all her content I felt like a proud friend when she announced she was writing a book. 


The concept is simple, one meal that's plant based a day and feel better. That's it! 

Then, I felt like the most special human because I received a copy before the launch date from Mrs. Murnanes herself. The book is beautiful! The photos? Next level! And the recipes are all about simple ingredients and little to no cooking time... my kinda meals! The concept is simple, one meal that's plant based a day and feel better. That's it! 


So, fangirling aside, if you're like me and are in need of a feel good book of the cooking kind, head over here and get yourself a copy!