I got back from Coachella a couple weeks ago and have been prepping for a post about it, when I realized I never posted the Miami guide! As I was uploading the photos to my drive, there it was, the MIA folder literally gone MIA; missing in action. I say, “it’s never too late to share places to eat, drink and hang”. So, here we are. Three days in Miami! Let’s break it down…


What to EAT

Icebox Cafe: What better way than to kick off the day with eggs and mimosas? This place is all about natural, fresh and organic ingredients. Order The Eggboxand be prepared for the best organic eggs and chicken-apple sausage you’ve ever had. Ask for their fresh juice mimosas to top it off.

1855 Purdy Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 | MAP

Zak the Baker: This was recommended by Jen, she’s in PR and pretty much travels every other week, so you know it’s good. I made my way over extra early because I was told there’d be people lining up. Right after we sat down, the line started forming all the way out into the street. Why? Best damn bread in town! Coffee too. I ordered the Avocado Toast and it did not disappoint! Pure perfection. I even bought a tote bag to remember the moment I had the most perfect avocado toast. Yes guys, I bought a food souvenir…

405 NW 26th St Miami, FL 33127 | MAP

Coyo Taco: It’s right next to Panther Coffee, for starters. (More on where to get coffee below) It’s home the most amazing guacamole and octopus tacos. I also may have had one too many margaritas here. Quick lunch or day drinking spot? You choose!

2300 Nw 2nd Ave Ste 3 Miami, FL 33127 | MAP

Ms. Cheezious: Three words: 1) grilled, 2) cheese and 3) beer. The staff is the friendliest, the sandwiches are the cheesiest and my belly? The happiest! It’s a tiny and cozy place for a total of 5 minutes. If you’re nosy like me, all it takes is a walk to the bathroom and there you’ll notice an entrance to a huge patio in the back! Picture this: you’re on a rocking chair below the stars and you just ate a grilled cheese that had bacon on it. Now you’re just enjoying the view while drinking a beer. No tourists breathing down your neck or restaurant hosts trying to seduce your wallet. Just delicious calm.

7418 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33138 | MAP


What to DRINK

Panther Coffee: Need Coffee? This is THE place. It’s so good, the last time I was in Miami I had a couple hours to spare before my next flight and I got out of the airport and Lyft’d there with a slight chance of missing my flight. The coffee’s just THAT good! There’s one located next to Icebox and another next to Coyo. Try their Cold Brew for a refreshing boost of energy.

1875 Purdy Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 | MAP

JugoFresh: It’s like an Instagram haven . Every turn has a message or pretty wall. This is mainly because it’s located at Wynwood Walls. Which makes it the perfect place to rehydrate before walking around Wynwood looking for the perfect wall for a selfie. Order La Farmacia for the ultimate refreshing detox juice. Air out your stresses with the “fan wall”. (Photo above)

222 NW 26th St Miami, FL 33127 | MAP

The Broken Shaker: I can’t say detox without mentioning a place to “retox”. But, this not just a place to grab a drink. It’s the mothership of handcrafted cocktails made with fancy syrup, fresh pressed juice and probably magic. It’s inside The Freehand, so it’s a great place to start up a conversation with some fellow travelers. Order the Pecker Pepper if you’re into Gin, The Dip if vodka is more your style. Dont forget to obsess about the patio furniture! There are some beautiful chairs and planters by Puerto Rican makers, Twin Dogs Co. Perfect for that casual Instagram laying back with drink in hand.

2727 Indian Creek Dr Miami Beach, FL 33140 | MAP

Bodega: This place is an indoor taco truck with pretty amazing food like the the Barbacoa Tacos that are made with braised short ribs or the Spicy Chorizo Quesadillas. But, there’s a reason I added it to places to drink instead of place to eat… When you’re there, look closely at the port-a-potty door (yes I just typed port-a-potty) and you’ll see people going in and out discretely. Well, you guessed it. Secret bar! The Drink to try: Overnight Sensation (Bourbon, Lillet, Absinthe). Need I say more?

1220 16th St Miami Beach, FL 33139 | MAP


What to SEE:

Ocean Drive: This may seem a little cliche but if you’re like me your version of Miami does not include the Will Smith song or any sort of clubbing with cheetah print shirt wearing bartenders. So, trust me when I say, you need to walk Ocean Drive. At least in the day time! Think of it as Art Deco Spotting and you’ll be so happy you did it. Just make sure to look up! Now, at night, it’s every man or woman for themselves. Every single restaurant host is screaming their menu at you, catcalling and at times plain stopping you on your tracks just to get you to eat at their restaurant. Two whole weeks of this to walk back to my hotel was incredibly overwhelming but, to cool off with an icee from Wet Willies it might be worth it.

Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | MAP

The PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami): Guys, I think I found my soul-museum-mate. The best way to describe this museum is probably by saying, that I was a whole 30 minutes outside and already felt accomplished. Just at the entrance! It’s absolutely beautiful. The architecture of the museum itself is awe-inspiring. So, you can imagine the artwork! Room after room of amazing stories behind each piece. If you’re into contemporary art, this is the place to check out.

1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 | MAP

Wynwood Walls: All the cool kids are doing it. For great reason! Every turn (watch out for the sidealk stencils!) has some mural or message worth a look. It’s a dream to photograph because every step there’s something new. Wynwood in general is a photogenic neighborhood but, for your “posing in front of a beautiful wall” selfie, The Wynwood Building is where it’s at. It’s outside of the Wynwood Walls per se, but a close walk. Just grab an Iced Latte at Miam Café and secure a great spot right after.

2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127 | MAP

For more about how it all went down and even more place to drink, eat and see, check out the #TGFdoesMIA tag on Instagram!