Two years, one month and five days after my first Glossier order, I can confidently say I'm still a fan. It's been a journey of stolen packages and Skin Tint disasters in my purse. All of it, completely worth it when I visited the showroom! Now, if you see me walking around you wouldn't think that I would loose my shit for makeup. I barely wear any. But, guys and gals, I loose my shit for amazing branding and stuff that actually works. Therefore, I lost my damn shit seeing Glossier IRL!


It's like walking into a gallery where the works of art are wearable. You can admire from afar, but once you swatch, test, smell and share feedback with strangers... that's when it really gets interesting. You walk in from the elevator and it's like you've been there before. It's like you're part of a club that needs no introduction. Like everyone is your friend because you already have that one hobby in common, buying tons of glossier online. Then, there are the employees who are all visions of beautiful skin walking among us. They're the true champs of this "exhibition". 

I waited to be able to replenish my makeup back with the items that had ran out. So, the excitement to actually pick them up and leave with them in my bag to use seconds later was R E A L. 


Being a non-newyorker walking around with a pink bag and having people asking me where Glossier was... now that was the millennial pink cherry on top!

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