For some, mornings are that dreaded time of day where, after hitting snooze 7 times, you torture yourself into waking up because you have to get on with your day. Lately, the snoozer in me has gone on vacation and I have been waking up before my alarm even beeps. It all started when I made the priority to make time for myself. Not an easy feat! But, just like an old computer, our bodies need a reset once in a while. In my case, once a week.


A ritual is a behavior that one performs regularly and as with all things that are successful, it needs to be done with great intention. To make it easier on me I have nailed it down to three steps: 1) figuring out the reasons why my body needs a reset, 2) gathering different things or actions that are calming specifically for me, 3) making sure to repeat as necessary for a clear and calm mind. Once you’re sitting down, making a mental pin board of all the reasons you might need some relaxation, you might discover many things that have been haunting you for days. That email that you’ve been pushing back and haven’t answered for weeks, a feeling that you can’t quite shake off any time you see a certain person or you might even find yourself asking why you’ve beaten yourself up over something that now seems less important next to your wellbeing. Whatever it may be, it’s time to pause all those concerns for a couple of minutes. Here are a couple calming rituals for some time stopping YOU-time:

  • Prepare some tea. My favorite is “a cup of calm“. The waiting, the steeping… it can lead to great conversations with yourself.
  • Light a candle, burn some sage… Anything that can occupy your sense of smell is a go!
  • Spin some records or listen to a guided meditation. Sometimes our busy lives can’t seem to let us be with our own thoughts. Guided meditations are great for people who aren’t into the whole silence vibes. If you’ve never tried one out, this one by Gabby Bernstein is very special.
  • Repeat as necessary!

    Here’s to come calming moments with great intention! Get back at me on instagram or twitter if you have some rituals you’d like to share. Let’s spread some calm!