Years have gone by since I first said I wanted to visit Oregon. Years! It was always in my future plans but never quite the priority. I knew I'd love it, so I put it off for as long as I could so I wouldn't fall in love with it. I finally made it and the overall feeling was completely and totally regretting every single time I put off this trip. Completely and totally enamored on just the first day. 


We arrived at PDX at 6pm and our plan was to drive all the way over to Brookings to secure our sunrise at the coast. Well, six bathroom stops, one food stop and a fifteen minute breakdown later we were there. A seven hour drive followed by sleeping in the parking lot for only three hours. Then, waking up to the most gloomy scenery! It was foggy, cloudy and utterly beautiful. And so the roadtrip started! 


Things I learned about myself on first day on the road with four boys: 

I can change in the back of the car in 30 degree weather, my fear of heights will always be present... specially near water, I talk in my sleep and I was beyond happy to make it to the Pacific Northwest. (evidence)


On day 2 we woke up early to be able to hit Abiqua Falls in the morning. Our Airbnb was a dream with natural lighting everywhere and just 5 minutes away from downtown Portland. Which was perfect for us to eat something before heading out! We went to Cheryl's on 12th thanks to a suggestion by @mymils and then we had a 3 hour or so drive all the way up to the fall. 


What we hadn't accounted for was the snow. It was snowed in and our car wasn't equipped for a snowy road so we opted to walk a dirt road all the way up to the Abiqua Falls entrance. Someone said it was only a mile. Somehow this whole thing ended up being a 10 mile hike! Once I was in the entrance the way down was muddy and steep as hell so, I opted out. I know, a huge hike and not actually getting to the falls. But, I kept imagining myself trying to come back and falling eight hundred times, making it slower for everyone. We had more stuff to do! So, I took one for the team and went back to the car while they actually saw the waterfall.


After the whole ordeal and the breathtaking images the guys took, it was time to go back as we were going to see Tennis play at the Wonder Ballroom. No cameras allowed, but such an amazing show.

Photo of me by Robin Rivera

Photo of me by Robin Rivera

Overall, 10/10 day and only the beginning of my falling in love with Oregon.

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