BED PLAY: A Playlist for Waking Up and Doing Nothing


The thing about playlists is that sometimes I can get really invested in them. I'll make one for my morning commute, one for cooking, one for cleaning... it goes on and on. Playlists are normally geared towards getting those activities going. Like a mood booster. But, what about a playlist aimed at doing absolutely nothing? Like a stay-in-bed-and-think-about-your-ceiling-for-a-while-list.

Well, here's one.

I've been in bed for a couple of days due to my clumsy self busting a knee. In between the feelings of boredom (I feel like I've watched everything imaginable on Netflix) and the silence (the echo of an empty apartment because everyone's at work) I found the "time" to create a playlist for lying down and letting the day go by.




What are your favorite songs for doing nothing?